To chase, follow or take legal action against someone or something etc in order to catch them, attack them or to get a legal remedy etc.


At Pursuing, we are dedicated to providing high-quality lead generation services across three key areas of expertise. Our commitment is to help businesses like yours find leads that can contribute to their growth and success. Here's a detailed overview of the three main areas of service that we specialize in:
1. Legal Lead Generation:
We offer specialized lead generation services for law firms that are looking to fill their mass tort cases with suitable plaintiffs who have suffered, for example: due to the use of Roundup, Paraquat, or a camp Lejeune. Our team understands the legal complexities involved in such cases and leverages their expertise to generate qualified leads that can help law firms build a recurring client base.
2. Educational Institution Lead Generation:
Pursuing has years of experience generating leads for RNs looking to complete their Masters in nursing. We have a deep understanding of the academic requirements, admission processes, and funding options that are available to nursing students. Our lead generation services help educational institutions attract qualified students interested in pursuing a nursing career.
3. Insurance Lead Generation:
We specialize in generating leads from individuals looking for health and life insurance. Our team has extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and is adept at identifying potential customers interested in purchasing insurance policies. Insurance companies can significantly improve their customer acquisition efforts by partnering with Pursuing.
In summary: Pursuing is committed to delivering effective lead-generation services across multiple industries. Our expertise, coupled with our personalized approach, ensures that our clients get the best possible results. If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy lead generation services, look no further than Pursuing.

At Pursuing, we offer tailored services that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in providing lead generation services for three key business sectors.

In the Legal Sector, we specialize in providing specialized legal lead generation services for law firms. Our team is well-versed in the complexities of mass tort cases involving Roundup, Paraquat, or Camp Lejeune, and we leverage our expertise to generate qualified legal leads that are suitable for our clients.

For the Educational Institution Sector, we have extensive expertise in connecting nursing schools with qualified registered nurses (RN's) who are interested in pursuing advanced careers in nursing. Our lead generation services help educational institutions attract highly qualified students who are seeking to further their education and career prospects.

In the Insurance Sector, our focus is on locating individuals who are looking to invest in Life, Health, or Final Expense insurance. We provide high-quality leads to our clients in the Insurance sector, enabling them to efficiently target and engage potential customers.

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