To chase, follow or take legal action against someone or something etc in order to catch them, attack them or to get a legal remedy etc.

Pursuing Maine Michelle DelMar Esq.
Michelle DelMar Esq.

Michelle DelMar Esq.

Delmar Law Offices and International Business Lawyers Connection

22 years of experience

Trademarks, Business Law, International Law, Intellectual Property, Cannabis & Marijuana Law



With 20 years experience, Michelle L. DelMar, Esq. provides business, trademark, contract and corporation advice and representation. Michelle helps start new businesses, existing Businesses grow and executives achieve their goals.

Practice Area

Trademark Litigation, Trademark Registration,
Business Law
Business Contracts, Business Dissolution, Business Finance, Business Formation, Business Litigation, Franchising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnership & Shareholder Disputes,
International Law
Human Rights, Imports & Exports,
Intellectual Property
Human Rights, Imports & Exports,
Cannabis & Marijuana Law
Marijuana Business Formation, Medical Marijuana,


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J.D. (1999) | Business Law and International Business Law

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