Defining What Marriage is

While marriage may appear to be a union of a man and woman in holy matrimony it is so much more. Marriage is a binding legal contract but it can be a wonderful thing for two people that love each other. Ceremonies are commonly held in churches but they can also be held in mosques, gardens, and other locations of the couples choosing. State law says that you must have a license in order to get married. While this is the standard your religious beliefs may impact how you view marriage and how you value the marriage relationship. Marriage is also a constitutional right and states cannot tell you that you cannot marry. What else defines marriage?

Does Marriage Offer Financial Protection?

Marriage is many things but you should know that it grants you financial protection when a marriage doesn’t work out. This means that if a couple has been married for a certain length of time that a spouse may be entitled to a portion of their income as well as their property. This is also important because when one spouse dies they may be able to receive a portion of their spouse’s social security income. Even in the case that a couple did not have a will; a marriage is a legal binding contract that enables the surviving spouse to receive the benefits of their estate. This is not the case when a couple lives together and remains unmarried.

Marriage and Religious Concerns and Traditions

When two people marry it’s also important that they have sorted out their issues in regards to medical care and personal belongings. End of life decisions are extremely important to deal with before something happens to your spouse. Many states have laws that protect your ability to take time from work to care for an ill spouse. This would fall under the law regarding the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA. Cremation and burial arrangements are also a part of what the laws allow you to do as a spouse.

Marriage is considered sacred by many religious groups but state laws do not often refer to religious beliefs. It’s important that you fully understand how these laws work when it comes down to dealing with serious issues like end of life, medical help, and burial. If you have more questions about these laws after reading this you should seek the counsel of a family law or matrimonial lawyer.

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