Children Have Legal Rights Too!

By law, children are defined by being under the age of 18. Some states do differ in stating that children are of the majority age by age 17 and above. When the parents are unable to provide the state may be able to step in. It’s important that as parents you understand that it is your responsibility to provide basic needs for your children. When children are discovered to be in a compromising position with food and shelter Child Protective Services may get involved. This also includes the careful monitoring of children that are in foster care as well.

Disabled Children and Legal Counsel

Disabled children have the same rights to an education as children that are not disabled. These children should receive the same care and love from their parents as any child would. All children deserve the right to live in a stable home as well as the right to get their education. When children don’t get what they need they have the right to seek legal counsel just as an adult would. Most children are unable to afford an attorney however the state will happily appoint one in this case when needed.

Children and a Will

If you are naming your child as the executor of your estate or you leave them anything in your will, they are entitled to receive it as such. When a will is not made the state is the sole decision maker of who gets your property. There are many laws regarding wills and how they can be divided amongst children. Wills and inheritance can be complicated. Should you have questions regarding this matter, it’s time for you to seek the help of a family lawyer.

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