Parents Have a Legal Right and Responsibility

Parents are fully aware that they are responsible for their children of a minor age. However, there are legal responsibilities when it comes to your children too. While not everyone defines “parent” in the same fashion, it’s wise to know how your state does define it and take the proper responsibility for your child/children.

Standard Legal Rights of Parents

Choosing a name may seem so trivial, but yet it is the legal right of the parent to name their child/children whatever they wish. Decisions about where the child lives, goes to school, whether or not they marry at a minor age, and even the doctor they see is also considered the legal right of the parent. While this may not be a big deal for you, it’s true that parents may inherit earnings from their children as well.

Parental Duties and Responsibilities

Parents are absolutely responsible for disciplining their children. Parents should provide for their children as well including food, shelter, medical care, housing, and anything else they have need of. Many states do require that parents take full responsibility for their children financially. Should a divorce occur the courts will be a part of the decision making process including custody, visitation rights, and who holds the primary financial responsibility for the child.

The law can be complicated when it comes to the responsibilities and legal rights of raising and managing their children. This is why it’s important that you find a lawyer that practices family law.

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