Is a Green Card for a Fiance Suspicious?

The purpose of a green card is to give you the right to ask to become a citizen of the United States. This means that they can achieve “permanent resident” status. When you get a visa this means that your ability to live in the United States is only temporary and has a definite expiration date. Immigration laws define your spouse as an immediate relative. This is why the USCIS is careful to investigate whether or not an individual is engaged to someone just to obtain citizenship or if it’s truly sincere. There are restrictions on the number of green cards that can be given each year, but they cannot be denied to you if your spouse is a citizen of the United States.

Details About Your Marriage

Whenever applications are received for a new spouse the USCIS has to examine it carefully. The USCIS will be looking for details like whether or not you own property together or have other property together to prove that the marriage is real. A visa must be obtained first, and if it is then it gives the individual a chance to live here in the United States. This is how some individuals have met their spouse. This also means that if they have both lived in another country and one spouse has moved here first, they can request a k3 visa. This type of visa allows them to bring their spouse or fiancé here so that they can see how things function in the United States. If you are engaged and not married you simply request a k1 visa first so that you can request a green card on their behalf.

Other Requirements for Your Fiances Green Card

The United States believes that you should be able to financially support your spouse before you bring them here. This requires a financial affidavit to be filed with the application for your green card and a list of your assets. If you are unable to prove that you are financially able to support your fiancé, you may request that someone help you sponsor them so that they may get their green card. A green card does come with an expiration date and it’s important that you know this. Three months prior to the expiration date you should refile with your spouse in order to keep your status.

There are several laws regarding getting your visa and your green card for your fiancé. If you have more questions you should contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

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