Defining What Crimes Are Against a Person

When a physical act harms someone it is generally considered a crime. Being threatened is also a cause for concern and is against the law. Oftentimes, the intentions of an individual are not fully known and accidents do happen. However, should physical harm occur criminal charges could still be filed. If you hurt someone with intention to harm them you could end up in court. Assault and battery are two terms that are used often in the court system because harm has been brought upon someone. Robbery means that something was taken from someone and that is also against the law in all cases.

Other Crimes You Should Know About

There are many other terms that you could hear that relate to criminal charges including kidnapping, harassment, sexual offense, and murder. While violence may not always ensue, stalking an individual at home or in the workplace or even watching an individual are all forms of committing a crime. This applies to electronic communication as well as cyberbullying. Taking a child or abducting an adult even without physical harm is also considered a criminal offense.

Sexual Offense and Murder

Two of the most heinous crimes today are murder and sexual offense. Whether a child or other individual has been touched without consent or a sex act has occurred without consent it’s a crime. The government does consider sex crimes a very serious matter. This is why sex offenders are required to be listed in public registries for the awareness of others. Murder is similar in that it is often planned. Even if it is not and it happens in the heat of the moment, it is still a crime. Murder charges could be voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, but it can be complicated to understand. If you have questions regarding these crimes and how they are tried, contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible today.

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