Public Defender or Court-Appointed Attorney?

Oftentimes an individual cannot afford an attorney on their own. In a time like this, a public defender is made available or there may be a court-appointed attorney. A court-appointed attorney is of little to no cost to you; however you don’t get to pick just anyone you choose. It’s important that you know what to expect before you request help with this matter. You’ll be asked to meet certain requirements before you can get an attorney but that is the case for anyone that asks for help. When charged with a crime it has to be harsh enough to land you in jail, and you must meet the financial requirements to get this help as well.

Dealing with Court Appointed Attorneys

While you may have heard that court-appointed attorneys didn’t pass law school, you should know that isn’t the case at all. These attorneys have graduated from their respective law schools and they are fully capable of taking your case. These attorneys do however work only for the state or government on a full-time basis, but they are generally local to you. Your appointed attorney will always help you with the set up of meetings, hearings, documents, interview witnesses, and of course they will give you guidance for your case.

If you do not spend time in jail it’s important that you stay in touch with your appointed attorney. They are there to give you guidance. Even if you are offered a plea deal the decision is yours but they can offer advice to help you make a sound decision. As always, it’s best to ask as many questions as possible to make sure that you and your court-appointed attorney understand each other.

What to Do if Changing Attorneys

If you believe that you need to change attorneys or the one you have chosen is not satisfactory, feel free to ask for a new one. The judge will consider the reason for your request and that may take time. If it’s obvious that the attorney hasn’t done a good job in preparing for your case they may well agree with you that it’s time for a change. The laws that deal with public defenders and court-appointed attorneys can be hard to understand. If you are being accused of a crime and you don’t have the money to hire your own attorney, please contact a criminal attorney today.

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