What You Should Know About Vehicle Recalls and Lemon Laws

If you were to purchase a vehicle that has mechanical problems it could be possible that the vehicle is part of a bad batch. When this happens a manufacturer will issue a recall on those vehicles. If your vehicle does not share a similar defect with others in the same batch, your vehicle could be referred to as a “lemon”. The law does require that the manufacturer make the public aware of the issue with the vehicle, and that a recall be issued. A recall means that the vehicle is not safe to operate as a result of the issue with the vehicle, and the issue must be repaired for free.

Lemon Law

Lemon laws are written at the state and federal level but state laws will vary. The Texas State law says that the car must be under the factory warranty, and the dealership must have been given at least four attempts to fix the vehicle within two years’ time or within 24,000 miles. A car is considered a lemon if the issue with the vehicle is a safety hazard, and when two attempts to repair the vehicle have failed. If you have purchased a used vehicle then you may be able to recoup your money for the repairs made. This is also true if the car is still under factory warranty as well.

Other Issues That Don’t Qualify as Lemon Law

There are some issues with vehicles that the lemon law will not cover. The repairs will not be covered if you choose to use parts that are not from the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the key with lemon law is proving that the vehicle is not safe to drive. The lemon law and other laws related to it are complicated. If you believe that you have a case for lemon law, or you have questions about your vehicle you should contact a consume law attorney today.

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